Took 9 weeks, one week after a last minute cancellation to deliver a bed made in Bolton to Toronto. Manufacturer cut the wrong size supports, so installer had to return to factory. Came back two days later to finish and broke a slat that didn't fit properly. Back to the manufacturer for a new slat. No apologies, no discounts from the owner. First night we slept in bed it sounded like an old rusty bedspring. Rails didn't fit head and footboards tightly. Went to store and explained to owner. His response "You get what you pay way you're getting a refund. That was the cheapest item we had in stock". I didn't know that an 1800 dollar bed was Sally Ann quality. My bad. That was last weekend. This weekend, he shows up with the installer. Swaps the rails from side to side. Still loose. Removes the brackets and realigns them. Still loose. Says he's solved the problem. I ask him for an invoice that I can annotate. He writes comments. I add my explanation of what has happened. State I will expect a refund if noise problem not fixed. He turns to leave, without offering me a copy or signing off. I insist he write another copy. He does but refuses to sign, saying "I told you in the store you're not getting a refund". Noise is worse than before.

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