We worked with MR Kitchens for a large scale kitchen/bathroom/main floor Reno in Spring 2019. The renovation cost us $75-80K. It's been 4 months since the projected closing date for the reno and there is outstanding work to be completed that they clearly have no intention of completing. They have stopped returning our phone calls or emails. There is no schedule for the rest of the work to be done. A summary of the issues we've had: -tile was unevenly installed; broken/chipped tiles were installed; grout was incomplete and we had to hire someone else afterwards to clean the tile, redo the grout, remove the hardened mortar globs, and to fix the mistakes -we had to pay an outside contractor to finish painting/drywall patching work MR Kitchens had agreed to -hardwood was installed with more 8 noticeably broken/split/chipped boards; some are in the middle of the floor -there is literally still a hole in our wall in the kitchen that has not been filled; caulking around cupboards/cabinets had to be completed by a painter we hired separately -promised elements, such as a cabinet front over the hood fan, toe moldings around the cabinets, and the replacement of chipped doors have yet to be completed -some items of our kitchen were installed without prior approval or discussion (i.e. installers showed up, installed items unannounced and without our consent; the installers were unprofessional and made family members uncomfortable) -subcontractors appear to be inexperienced and overcommitted with other projects (work kept happening on the weekends instead of on weekdays) If we could go back in time, we would never work with MR Kitchens. The work is sloppy, the communication/scheduling is really weak, and the follow through is appalling. They do not fix their mistakes or finish their projects. Find a better company to do your reno.

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