GHR Contracting Services Zoltan Brown Frederick Walcott Saverio Zupo Your services ended on February 15th, 2012 because you failed to adhere to standard building codes, failed to meet design specifications, failed to use licensed tradesmen and maintain a proper code of conduct on the job site. You and your team broke trust and failed to deliver the materials and services that your contract stipulated. We have brought in professional trades to inspect and correct the problems...most of the drywall had to be removed to adequately address the issues. Permits have been issued for the electrical to protect the trades as well as ourselves. The Inspector at the ESA has been advised of the electrical deficiencies and will take appropriate action against Saverio Zupo...code violations, hidden junction boxes, missing connections and improper wiring. Your biggest problem is that you tried to con us into believing that your "team" had the proper skills, training, licensing and certification to do the job. Not only did you loose our have let everyone down! Michael Leonard

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