We were given some things to do for our insurance and our porch was on the list. It was noted that we needed a hand rail and that we should address the slope of the main deck. Our neighbors were having their porch renovated by Quality renovations and since we use our porch as a second sitting room we wanted someone we could trust, and they recommended them. We contacted Doug and discussed the request by the insurance company and he told us that it was no problem and an easy job, that overall the porch looked okay. We took him at his word. Over $5,000.00 later, our beloved porch had a cosmetic upgrade with no hand railing and the slope was not repaired. When trying to discuss this, we were not listened to, interrupted and told we needed to pay for the work done. We signed a vague agreement, and he hid behind that and not his word. We are extremely disappointed in our needs being ignored and having spent money for cosmetic changes that were not immediately needed. The customer service and the communication are non existent. A final note: we had to spend an afternoon of our own time, because skirting was applied all the way around the porch, leaving no access to our lawn mower and other gardening needs.

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Company Response

I am very sorry that you have felt the need to express your opinions here. You could have just as easily called and sorted this out.

What you have said is completely misleading to the general public and is not actually based in fact.

Here is the exact scope of work that you agreed to in a signed contract that is not vague whatsoever:

Supply and install new 1’x4” T&G pine decking on the front porch
Build new stairs with 5/4ths x 6” Sienna Pressure Treated decking
Reuse and install existing handrails
Supply and install new 5/4ths pressure treated decking on the storage box -
Caulk rowel joints and repaint the contour flashings on the porch roof
Complete site clean up and disposal of waste materials
Tuckpoint a few mortar joints on the front pillar

You were advised before and during the job that if you wanted to remove the frame below the porch in order to remove the slope it would be at an added cost. That is exactly what we did for your neighbour who ,as you have stated, recommended us very highly and that cost was clearly priced out in a contract for him beforehand. In your case, you specifically made the decision to NOT replace the frame which would have made the porch perfectly level.

Had you asked for an access door under the porch beforehand we would have installed it for you.

You also asked if we could find the large Keystone Ballustrades to match your existing handrails for the handrail going down the stairs and we could not find anything to match so I advised that you go to New Canadian Lumber to look at Colonial handrails and turned traditional wood handrails which you selected. We then purchased and installed them. I gave it to you at cost ( $250 in materials and $150 to install) as a new handrail was not included in the original contract for the very reason that I was going to look for the Keystone Ballustrades at your request

You finally decided that were entitled to a new handrail without paying for it. There was no “vague agreement” that we “hid” behind

A note to the reader: We have installed hundreds of porches and decks over the years all over the GTA and we always are responsive to whatever the client wants and at very competitive rates.


We have an old house that needed parging and a fair amount of brickwork with tuckpointing. They were friendly from initial contact through to the completion of the project. They showed up promptly and cleaned up the site every evening to the point you wouldn't know they had been there. Very professional

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Company Response

Hi, Thanks so much for the kind words, we are really happy that you like our work.