Repair was done quickly and efficiently for a very reasonable price. All service is covered under warranty and guaranteed for 1 year. A pleasure to deal with on the phone and in person and I would absolutely use again and recommend and I feel he went above and beyond for the price I paid.

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Company Response

thank you for the awesome review


I found this company on Kijiji and was thrilled to find a company that used all natural cleaning solutions. We used The Green Boutique a number of times and were pleased with the services that were provided, however, we were constantly being rescheduled. After being asked to reschedule for what was approx the sixth time we lost confidence in the Green Boutique's ability to manage their clients, especially because we were told that we were scheduled for bi-weekly visits.

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Company Response

Hi L,

Thank you for the first part of your review. We appreciate that very much.

In response to the second part, as you may or may not know, we are a fairly new company only in business for 19 months. The first year was just myself working out of my car and trying to juggle the hiring of good employees yet still trying to maintain the quality that I am 100% committed to. With the quick growth of this company there were times that I was stretched thin.

Since then I have taken many steps to improve our hiring and scheduling to do our best to provide consistent dates and times to our clients. We have more than tripled our business. We have a dedicated office and a number of full time permanent staff. Therefore scheduling changes are at a minimum and we will continue to improve in this area.

I am sorry for the growing pains you may have experienced in the infantile stage of our business. As we near our second year in business we feel confident with the changes and growth we have made.

We would be honoured to have you back as a client anytime and the first clean is on us!


Tracy & Jeff