Saw TMC at the CNE in Toronto 2011. Had them come for a free estimate. As someone else mentioned in a review, we felt pressured into going with this company (before having a chance to investigate them). We found the price of $1700 QUITE expensive but decided to go with them anyway, again, after feeling pressured, but the salesman (Joe) mentioned they had done work for the Royal Ontario Museum and they had skilled Master Craftsman that worked there, so we were a little impressed. We handed over the chair in October 2011 and told them we were in no rush to have it back (afterall we needed to come up with the balance - as they don't take credit cards. Certified cheques, bank draft etc. only). Finally in February we received the call to pick up the chair. I wish I had taken pictures at the time! I was appalled! The leather was not touched (by that I mean cleaned or moisturized), the wood had barely been cleaned and the finish on it was shiny, not matte, that I believe was agreed upon. After speaking with the customer service rep (Michelle), she had tagged the spots we thought were not done and had it sent back. A few weeks later, I was called to pick up the chair. This time it was 100 times better and what I had expected from the job the first time. After foolishly paying them and taking the chair home, I had a better chance to look at it. While removing the chair from my car, I noticed underneath the arms was not complete!! It hadn't even been looked at!! It was not cleaned nor finished. Then I turned the chair over and found the same with the bottom of the wood, all over the whole thing!!! To me, this is INCOMPLETE and UNACCEPTABLE! It is half a job done! I contacted the company and was told that "within the industry standards furniture is not refinished underneath"!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! They say they will do a wipe stain on the underneath to give the area some colour but I really don't want them having my chair again. Is it really unreasonable to expect a job to be complete when paying $1700 or ANY amount for that matter?!?!?! I think they do as minimal as possible to try and get away with whatever they can. Well I guess it serves me right for giving them my money (as now they could care less about my chair)!! I feel completely ripped off and am truly disapointed. You would think with this company having such a bad rap - as I have NOW come to see - you would think they would try to redeem themselves. Word of mouth is a powerful thing! DO YOUR RESEARCH AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE!

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Do your research and find someone else!
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