The quartz countertops are good quality and the edging on them looks great. Even though the seams are barely visible it was placed in the area that is used often which looking back on it I would have preferred it to be elsewhere. Also, we have a slide-in stove and I expected the slab would have a cut out for the stove but instead it had a seperate piece put by the back of the stove with 2 more seams - I wasn't told prior to installation that this is what would happen. Overall though, good quality, professional installation staff and a good price.

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Wanted a new countertop in the bathroom and got a package deal that had the countertop, sink and taps included. Plus they installed everything (including plumbing hook up). Looks great. It did take some time to install though as they are installing it over the existing countertop. The time from ordering to installation was quick and they were professional. This is a good option if you don't want the mess and inconvenience of having your old countertops ripped up.

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