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Scope: bath reno, including: removing old plaster-on-lathe walls and putting on new drywall replacing sink, bathtub and toilet (materials paid separately) putting floor tiles (materials paid separately) painting, sealing, finishing Quite good price, but: The job took him over 30 days instead of promised 2 weeks: he worked 2-3 days on my site, then 3-5 days elsewhere. He did some damage to the bathtub (fortunately, in an inconspicuous place). The toilet base started leaking some time after he left. Unfortunately, the guy was successful in convincing me to pay him before the work was totally completed (some finishing left to be done), and I haven't heard from him nor seen him any more. Messages left on his voicemail were never returned.

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Company originally requested a full prepayment, but settled for getting paid $1000 after delivering materials onto my roof and backyard, and getting paid the balance after finishing the job. Job was done reasonably quickly. There was one occurrence of using old material instead of new (one sheet of plywood). One piece of flashing get blown out within a month or two after the job was finished (incorrectly fastened), got repaired after one call to the company without any fuss or additional costs. Funny: Company was somewhat reluctant in providing references of previous jobs. The persons they eventually provided were hard to communicate with (inadequate English).

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