Cleaned ducts in a large downtown home and 2 dryers. Paid more than $500. Was left with a really dusty mess everywhere and blobs of fluff in the basement. Didn’t do a great job on the dryers. When my husband said something they responded ‘it’s not that dirty’. They came 30 mins early which did not work for us as we were getting kids ready for school. 30 mins early at 8AM is too early! Person didn’t introduce themself and we both thought he seemed unprofessional (ill fitting jogging pants are not acceptable attire to visit someone’s home). Said they would cover the main floor vents (to avoid dust?) but we didn’t seem them do this step. Sorry I feel bad leaving a bad review but our house is now a dusty mess and we paid more than $500 for this service.

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Company Response

Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately, we have other information. Firstly, we want to clarify that, like each client, you were provided with 3 packages of our services. You yourself have chosen the most expensive one (which corresponds to our dialogue in the mail) by how much it included a certain number of additional services. I also want to clarify based on the dialogue, we indicated that we do not provide any discounts with which you agreed, but upon the arrival of our employees, you began to bargain and as a result, thanks to the loyalty of our employees, you received a discount of $ 150 OFF.

About 2 dryers. The dryer on the top floor was cleaned and a bird's nest was removed. The dryer on the ground floor was not particularly dirty, but it was cleaned anyway. An inspection was also carried out with an air flow checking machine and both dryers showed a positive result of 1,500 feet per minute.

The appearance of our cleaners is the uniforms we provide (T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and hats). Our employees buy pants and shoes for themselves, and we want to say that no one had any comments about the appearance of our employees before. You cannot judge the professionalism of a person by what pants he wears.

With the best request Comfort Clean Team