It's likely that they did do a good job cleaning the vents but we didn't see any pictures like it says on their website. We were charged for 18 vents but there's only 17 vents in our house. We followed up with the company and they have informed us that there is a cheque in the mail to compensate for being overcharged. The exhaust from the truck came into our house through the front door the entire time they were here... my wife and children had to open all of the windows and doors as well as leave the house for fear of their safety from being exposed to the fumes. We got duct cleaning and air conditioning coil cleaning. After the service was performed there was a stain on the berber carpet in the basement (presumably from sealant used to seal part of the duct work to get to the air conditioner evaporator coil). Dirt, dust, and debris was left over EVERYTHING in the basement... everything was covered. The dryer, the washer, the floors, furniture, etc. They did not vacuum the mess like it says on their website, I had to go through the basement and vacuum everything myself. Some plastic ductwork going to our whole home humidifier was damaged and now needs to be replaced. One person consistently tried to sell us other goods that we didn't want which was very frustrating. If I say I don't want to buy something then leave it at that. I shouldn't feel pressured to buy extra equipment after I have made it clear that I don't want it. We hired Dr. Clean Air specifically for their outstanding reviews on We had very high expectations based on other reviews and their website so the poor rating is the result of those expectations not being met. It's possible this was a "one off" for them and they were just in a rush to get to their next customer. If this is the case then extra effort should be made to ensure the same quality of work is maintained on every job (and if necessary, allocate extra time for jobs like this). This was our first time getting duct cleaning since we're new home owners. We will definitely try a different company next time around.

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Hi Devin ,

We tried many times to verify you as client no answer, no hope


Michel is very professional, kind, and honest. I highly recommend him to anyone that wants "piece of mind" knowing that their roof will get repaired properly. He was able to come and fix my roof's problems in the same day that I called him. This is great because there's supposed to be a lot of rain tomorrow. The shingles are still under warranty but the company that installed them will not honour their warranty! I can't even get them to return my phone calls let alone come out and fix the roof (that's still under warranty)!

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