We worked with Julius in the past and were happy with his work in our front yard a few years back. This time was completely opposite. He gave multiple excuses before even coming to give us a quote. Made us believe he was coming on a Tuesday and when I contacted him for a time, made it seem like I misunderstood that he meant two weeks later. He gave us a quote and we agreed on a price and start date. He didn't start til over a week later. He shrunk the deck from what was originally agreed upon and he still has left us handing and not finished it. There are missing pieces of wood in the deck, making it unsafe for the kids and he used nails, which we did not agree to. We have chased him for a week and no response. He has held up other things we are looking to complete and is extremely dismissive when we did speak with him. Yesterday we had another contractor look at completing the work and he literally picked up one of the boards with the nails right off the deck. Julius and his crew didn't completely nail the deck and the gaps left make it dangerous for the kids. We also asked for the bottom of the deck to be sealed and while he was here working, we made sure to mention this and he said he didn't agree to do that. I'd get EVERYTHING IN WRITING if planning to use this guy and definitely DO NOT PAY UNTIL THE WORK IS DONE! We have heard stories of this same thing from others.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review "Natasha". You left this very review a few days ago under another name and deleted it only to repost it under another name. Your claims are also false but anyone reading this can take a look at our catalog and many factual reviews about our service at Power Linx Interlocking & Design.