The problem was a mini ice field on the roof, ice wall from the roof to the ground floor on the external brick, ice stalagmites With matching icicles extending just past the 2nd fl window sill, my garage door froze shut in 6 inches of ice. Summer it was waterfalls and cowboy showers. Kovar was the 3rd contractor I called for an estimate and the only one that send multiple professionals to assess the overall contributing factors. This resulted in a multi-tiered solution which directly addressed the issues identified by their team. They identified a flaw in the shingle edging (the waterfall) needing a custom drip edge, the roof downspout pours on the garage roof shingles not into the trough (cowboy shower) in the water diverter needed replacing so water no longer pools (ice wall), inferior roof r factor (ice field), and bathroom venting under the soffit (giant icicles). Before calling Kovar, it was a rip n replace the gutters job as recommended by the 1st two contractors turned into a mini project! Each team Jason sent did a stellar job, identified issues hands on and discussed them thoroughly with me. More importantly, how each step is related into the overall solution. I now have an r60 factor, new bathroom vent on the roof and resealed everything else up there. The 2nd part of the project hasn’t commenced as of this writing; however, I’m very confident in the drip edging, diverter and new downspouts will complete the solution. What speaks for itself is I never needed to rip n replace to begin with This speaks for itself frankly. I’m old school, and Kovar satisfied that. I won’t be missing those cowboy showers!

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Company Response

Thank you Angela for taking the time to write this review, we're happy your 'cowboy showers' are a thing of the past and you're happy with the work completed. Thanks again, your Kovar team.