Paint 2 Decor recently finished resurfacing my kitchen cabinets and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the first moment I met Masoud when he came to give me a quote, I knew I would hire them. Extremely professional and customer service focused. Their attention to detail is incredible and I feel as though I have a brand new kitchen. Highly recommend them.

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Thank you .Loved the transformation, great working with you .

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This is hands down the worst experience I have ever had in dealing with a company. The salesman was nice but he promised us something that could not be done. We were told that the windows would take 6-8 weeks and finally after calling them numerous times they were to be installed after 12 weeks. The came and took out the large window and as they were bringing the new one up I noticed that the grill work on the window was done wrong. I called the sales manager who told me to send the window back. I informed him that there was a large hole in my house and it was 3 days before Chistmas. He said to put the window in and they would fix the grill work later. Once the window was installed I noticed that the grill work that was put on the window was not level and was curved. I even took a level to it and it was completely installed improperly. Once again I called the sales manager who promptly informed me that I was wrong and that they were straight. I had to numerous times tell him that I was standing with a level to the grill work. The call had to be escalated to someone else who said they would send a technician out to look at the window. The person came the next week and within seconds confirmed that the grill work was indeed curved and would need to be replaced. He stated that it would take approximately 2 week. After waiting almost 2 months we were finally informed that it was to be installed. I once again (stupidly) called the sales manager to politely ask for a small discount on the window (10%) because of the massive time delay for the job to be completed. He practically told me that I should be ashamed for asking for a discount and that I should be happy that I had only paid a down payment. He is by far the worst sales person I have ever dealt with. Arrogant, rude and does not listen to his customers. I asked for the call to be escalated to someone else in the company and he downright refused, saying that he owned the company. I would highly recommend going with a more reputable company and staying away from this one. Horrible experience. The windows are nice but the time delay and the experience with the sales manager is the reason I gave this such a bad rating.

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