Albi is driven by superior service. I must say, they didn't cut corners and they were a little more expensive but the quality of materials and what they included made them a way better deal in the end. My husband and I would recommend them any day and if we could do this again, Albi would be our first choice. Chris was awesome to help us navigate through the process and the foreman Marcia was super to deal with, caught many mistakes we didn't and was prompt to deal with any issues we had. Again the service was top notch.

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They did a great job in the mechanical install and the finishing (ie. the positioning of the fans on the ceilings and hood fan. They are service oriented. We had a couple problems with the flappers being metal on metal so they were noisy when it was windy out, but they came and solved the problem promptly.

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Cartwright Lighting has good deals that come up and if you are needing a bunch of lighting done, it's good to visit the store periodically as the store rotates its sale items, so you can land something that wasn't on sale previously. Note, if you have to order something, it may not come in when promised. The install was pretty good, except making sure they wipe down the fixtures from finger prints (especially the hard to reach ones) and ensure it's all clean. They will replace parts if they come broken or missing.

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Trecc was contracted to put in the electrical into our new house and also rough in wiring for a speaker system throughout the house. Their finishing on outlets were sloppy. There were crooked outlets and unsymmetrical placements that drew the eye. Tiling by our other contractor had to be adjusted in one area, and drywall cut to straighten out the outlet. One socket was not working and when they came back to fix that socket, their tool said it was okay but it still didn't work afterward. On the other hand, their wiring was completed in the basement in a box and it was well organized. Timeliness was great, follow up was prompt and price is middle of the road. I would ensure they are clear that the finishing stage is very important to you.

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