Upon returning from vacation we found our water pipes frozen. Called Action Auger and they first off cancelled our first appointment due to overbooking. Then they were late coming when they die. The employee had no idea what to do- my husband helped him with most of the work. He was not able to resolve the problem, phoned his offce whereby we were told we had to replace the whole septic system & pipes for a cost of $15000.00 Left with nothing fixed or working. We called our father in -law (80 years old) who came out and upon checking things out we were able to gets the pipes unfrozen and upon further inspection found out that all of our piping was almost like new. When we complained they did re-imburse us quite a bit of our initial costs but we were not pleased with their service at all. I do, however give them credit for dealing with our issues in a timely and effective manner.

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