Wanted to share my experience with MLL Electric and Manuel - that I believe demonstrates the type of company and values they hold. I had lost power to my garage, and tried all the basic troubleshooting steps, but determined it was a bigger problem and needed a professional to trace and fix ($$$). Manuel showed up to provide an estimate, and did an initial investigation, where he discovered one thing out of place (my fault), and with the flip of his finger fixed the problem. I was so happy, and wanted to pay Manuel for his time - however he refused even after I insisted. He just said he strives to build relationships with all his customers and if I ever needed help again, to consider MLL Electric. I will be calling Manuel next time I need help, and will confidently recommend to anyone who wants an honest assessment. Thanks Manuel!

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Company Response

Hi Scott:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. It was my pleasure to help out.