10/10 know how it's difficult to find a good contractor... and almost impossible to find a GREAT one? -I don't do this often (almost never) but the company/team that did our roof last weekend was EXCEPTIONAL! -when a contractor is this good, they deserve to have the word spread about them. They came in for a quote with a blueprint of our roof -with all the measurements -which gave them an exact square footage and therefore an exact number of bundles they needed. Jay (lead guy) also had a clipboard with everything they will do in the process, after the process, proof of insurance etc. The price was very reasonable... we had another quote that was way higher, and we had also called the last roofers we used (they didn't even return our call -how things change over the years -because they were pretty good when they did our roof last time). There was no sales pressure, we picked a mid-quality shingle (which Jay said was all we really needed) and also a colour from the photo examples given to us. There was also another roof they had done in the area and Jay urged us to go and check out the quality of their workmanship -which we did. There was 2-3 weeks lead time from confirmation/10% down payment to installation, and they showed up slightly earlier than the time they said they would last Sunday (imagine that!). They leaned long sheets of plywood against the brick above any windows on the main level so no debris would hit them as they stripped the old shingles off the roof. They moved all our patio furniture off the patio and put down drop sheets where needed (because we were very late getting home the night before and couldn't do it ourselves in the dark). They even fixed a gutter leak that they noticed by sealing it, and cleaned the gutters around the house of debris (which included debris NOT caused by the roof installation). Any questions I had were always promptly and reassuringly answered. They had 4 roofers and one supervisor (Jay) and they prepped the property, stripped the old shingles, installed the new ones as well as "fixing" a couple of sheets of plywood so they wouldn't have to be completely replaced at $50 sheet, fixed the one gutter that leaked at the end, and cleaned all the gutters, and walked around the house with their magnet to get nails (twice), cleaned up all debris, swept the patio as well as cleaned it even further with a leaf blower... all in 12 hrs! (the last time we did it there were 6 roofers and they didn't get it all done in one day) Seriously, you wouldn't even know they were there! -they even apologized to the neighbour when they saw him -"for all the noise". The roof looks great! If you want a reliable, straight-ahead, professional, polite contractor for your roofing needs (repairs etc as well), contact Jay at Sign Roofing (they do metal roofs as well as shingle) go to They work within the GTA. I really can't say enough about how good they are! (and no I didn't get paid, nor did we get a discount etc for me giving them a glowing review). :)

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Thank you Ed!