Heard about Joe Lane and Aeroseal on his guest appearance on NEWSTALK's Home Improvement show with host Frank Cohn. Frank had personally had his home done by Joe Lane to see if his system worked. It does! We had the equivalent of 88 sq. inches of leaks in our vent work. Joe was pleased at first with the computer measured progress. The leaks went down but stopped decreasing. Joe turned off the glue vaporiser and increased the air pressure and turned on the heat. He then pulled out his heat gun. After a brief bit of dectective work he pointed to a wall from the original house to a long ago built extension. Joe announced confidently: "There is a disconnected vent in this wall" . Sure enough, there were 2 vents (approximately 8" each) that had come apart. All the furnace heating and cooling air was going into a crawl space instead of throughout the house. This had been going on since we moved in 25 years ago. My youngest son was always cold in the winter and boiling in the summer as his bedroom was furthest from the furnace. Fast forward, Joe did some sheet metal ninja magic. Afer reconnecting the glue vapourizer and the fan, the size of the leak in the vents went down to 1 square inch. Our AC is on way less. Energy consumption is way down. My son is lamented (now that his has moved out) that it took us this long to fixed his old room. Can't say enough good things about Joe. Strongly recommend you hire him to reduce energy useage, increase comfort (especially summer AC), and significantly reduce cost by as much as 50% or more. Those savings are forever every winter and especially every summer. Thank you. If you want to call me or email me, please reach out to Joe and he has my permission to share my cell # and email. I am also happy to share my computer print out of before and after that measure the initial 88 sq. inch leak and the final 1 sq. inch hole in our duct work. Michael S. at Bayview and Lawrence.

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Hey Michael, great to get feedback, and awesome that everything is working well.