Winkens Brothers completed the underpinning of our 150 year old heritage home last December with great success. They were very knowledgeable and conscientious about doing the job properly, efficiently and safely. The onsite crew led by Stephen, Anthony and Robert worked extremely hard, and did everything possible to keep this project running smoothly and on time. This was particularly admirable considering the changing conditions and many challenges of hand excavating a crawlspace to expose a very unstable and shallow dry-laid field stone and rubble foundation. The crews expertly stabilised and underpinned what most companies would have likely walked away from. As crew-chief, Stephen kept our family updated with the progress and consistently accommodated any changes to the excavation plans that I requested. The crew's professionalism and good nature helped us maintain our sanity as we continued to live in the house that was being transformed just below our feet. You will never meet a more professional, hard working and friendlier group of people to hire than Wilkens Brothers.

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