Egbert with Diamond Home Inspection came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. We learned a lot during our home inspection. He took the time to look over everything and explained in detail what he found. What had seemed to us to be a nicely renovated home turned out to be a real lemon. The nice looking renovations were covering up a lot of problems. He never dissuaded use from buying the house but he explained that we could look forward lots of renovating in the future. "Nothing time and money can't fix" he'd say. Not wanting to pour money to fixing up an old house, we decided not to buy. We are thankfully for Egbert's honestly and professionalism. He saved us from a lot of grief.

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Company Response

You didn't like the ungrounded extension cords used to supply power to the boiler? ;-D

Glad I could help you with your purchasing decision; hope the next one I do for you works out better.