Early in Feb 2022, I scoured HomeStars for several "top-notch" driveway paving contractors. Called and emailed quite a few with a response such as we will only quote in April. I then was recommended an organization by the team that had completed the hardscaping projected at my house. I met the organization's owner around late Feb 2022, who came out and shared a reasonable quote with no advance - which was great. However, this organization always found an excuse or reason not to show up when they said they would. Incidentally, the two times they said they would show up, the next day, it was raining and therefore had to push out. By mid-June got tired of their shenanigans and connected with Daniel from Megacity. From the start of engaging on June 13th, 2022, Daniel was professional, courteous and very accommodating (more to come on this aspect). Daniel was highly responsive over text messages no matter how many questions I had. Although Daniel and the team were ready to come out and work on my driveway, I found an issue with a wastewater pipe issue which took the municipality about 6 to 7 weeks to repair. My wife and I hold an outdoor summer party every year, and we informed Daniel that we would like to complete this project before our guests arrive, including the curing period. Daniel went out of the way to inform us how best he would make this work for us, but I also told him that I understood it may not work out due to the driveway piping issue. However, 2 weeks ago, Daniel informed us that he had an opening for a Friday and that his team would be out after lunch to help accommodate some landscaping work I had just completed. I also requested Daniel to have his team be conscientious as we laid out brand new sod before their arrival. On the day of work, Daniel texted me that they were an hour out from arriving. About an hour later, the foreman, Tony, rang my doorbell and provided me with a few instructions to support his crew. Just as he was explaining all this, from the corner of his eye, he noticed a crew member about to drop some equipment on the grass and reminded the team to stay off the grass thanks Tony! Tony and his crew were equally courteous and informative about the process. This crew worked as a well-oiled machine. Everyone knew their roles and what they had to do. You could tell from their work ethic they brought pride to their craft and were passionate about leaving an excellent product behind. I had several hills, valleys and troughs on my driveway due to years of wear and tear, but to see this new asphalt in place there was only one thing I could think of, and that was how beautiful of a driveway we now have. Megacity, Daniel, Tony and the extended team thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly, highly recommend to all my friends, family and strangers to not hesitate to consider Megacity as your go-to pavers! Thanks, Daniel, for helping us get our driveway done in time, and I know you know how important it was for us to swing this.

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Hey, Jason. Our megacity team takes pride in every job that we proceed with no matter how big or small the project is. We appreciate the generous review, which actually symbolic for all of the hard work that my team endures throughout our projects.

Our megacity team wants to thank you for the support and hopefully we can serve you again or one of your friends in the near future.