I just have 2 words to say about my experience with West Ontario Paving RUN!! & AVOID!! Should've gone with my instinct. They gave me the run around when it was time to excavate, prepare driveway. They were two weeks late on that. The pavement date, they came six weeks late. I understand there are delays in the industry, via weather, breakdowns. But a phone call, not that I had to chase them. Parts of there equipment broke down in my driveway, oil leakage etc. It was a circus from start to finish. But boy was Mr. Gaetano present on time for pay day. I should've read home stars reviews, In short driveway was finally paved, and its already cracking, not even 5 weeks after. I hope when I call them in May they will come repair it, cracks are worse my advice RUN RUN RUN and avoid don't get burned

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