We first met Frank at a BNI meeting about 10 years ago. A few years later, we unexpectedly decided to sell our house, having bought a new one without even listing the current one. We contacted Frank as he had been very friendly and generous at the meeting. We were in an extreme rush, and he re-worked his schedule to do a week's worth of work on our house - including painting, doing carpeting, handyman jobs and fixing, some electrical and plumbing, etc. Over that week it was chaos but he made it manageable. Even when we had to go out to meet clients, he would keep working in our house - even rescuing one of our cats who got out once while we weren't there! The house looked great, sold quick and when we moved into our new house, he actually did some general fix-up work for us in there too. Fast-forward 7 years, and we purchased a new fridge in Jan 2019 that wouldn't fit through the kitchen door. What, measure? Anyway, Frank saved us again - not only opening up the kitchen but recommending a number of other changes. We now have an almost-new kitchen, which we couldn't have done without his guidance, his recommendations, and his talents. This included taking down a dropped ceiling and putting potlights in, creating a new cabinet for our dishwasher and hooking it all up through the floor, doing tiles, etc, etc. He's a pleasure to be around - very polite, friendly, and has a great work ethic. And of course the work is exceptional - he's always meticulousness and triple-checks to ensure he's doing what we still want.

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