This is the second time I have asked Hendrik, from A to Z Home Inspections, to conduct a home inspection on a house I've bought. Just like the first time (almost 10 years ago), Hendrik has proven to be superior to any other "regular" home inspection I've seen. During his 3-4 hours, he very meticulously goes through the entire house (exterior, interior and every nook and cranny). After every step, he sits down with you and shows you every photo taken while writing his detailed notes. He explains exactly what issues he came across and how this can affect you as a home owner. It isn't all negative though, as he also mentions any "wow factors" that he saw and how this can benefit you. His professionalism is on point! His report includes photos and videos with captions and recommendations for future actions. Not only is the report detailed, well-organized and well-illustrated, but it is delivered in a timely fashion and written in a way that it is easy and clear for the reader to understand. The service provided by Hendrik will exceed any expectation you would ever have for a home inspection. Furthermore, the price is very competitive! I highly recommend Hendrik's A to Z Home Inspection to everyone. This is the guy you WANT and NEED on your side when buying a new home. You cannot beat his outstanding work! And no... I am not a friend, nor a relative and I do not know Hendrik personally, but I do know perfection when I see it! Once again thank you for treating my home inspection as if it were your own house. Exceptional work as usual!

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