I recently faced a painful choice: Replace the cracked heat exchanger on my 16-year-old furnace (appx. $700) or put the money towards a new furnace. Given my existing furnace's advanced age, I chose to go the new furnace route. I conducted extensive research into various furnace types, models, ratings, etc. The one recurring theme was the importance of a proper installation. After obtaining several quotes, I decided to go with Pinewood Heating & Air Conditioning. Pricing-wise, they were in the middle of the pack. What really impressed me was their professionalism, from my initial inquiry through to the final sale, installation and even post-sale. There was a slow leak in my humidifier drain hose, which an installation rep showed up first thing in the morning to fix. In fairness, the leak wouldn't appear for a few minutes, so it's easy to see how it was initially missed. I was impressed enough with the company that I decided to replace my 30-year-old gas water heater at the same time. So far it has been functioning perfectly. It's worth noting that the model they installed came with a brass drain valve, something many cheaper models lack. By the way, this letter was not solicited in any way, shape or form. Had they messed up or jerked me around, I would have been equally effusive in my criticism, as my review for another company shows. Based on my experience to date, I am happy to recommend Pinewood to other Homestars readers.

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