We discovered a leak in our basement from a mystery source- there was a pool of water leaking out from who knows where, and we had no idea how to fix it ourselves. Not only were they friendly, but they were competent and very knowledgeable and understanding. It took them about 2 hours before they finished their work, and we have never had another mysterious leak since!

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The blinds in our house are extremely finicky and tend to break around this time of year- something about a certain part in the pull string failing to work. Anyways (and we've had this problem with almost every set of blinds in our house), we call Sheila's Drapery whenever this happens, drop off the broken blinds, and pick up new ones in roughly a month or so. The only issue I have with them is the fact that they are oftentimes slower with returning calls or confirming appointments, but overall, they are a good company.

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Company Response

Thanks for the feedback Jessica. A company can always learn from constructive criticism. I think we've been helping you and your husband out for the last 3 years or so and am glad that I have been able to repair the blinds that you bought from some other company. We try to help anyone with a blind or drapery problem no matter where they bought the product from. You never know where your next great customer might come from. You & Chris have become great customer's of ours.
Thanks again-Karen Saunders