I recently had my house broken into and it seemed so simple. The burglars used crow bars to wedge the door open a bit and then they kicked it a few times and it was open, probably less than a minute. I contacted George and he came over to first temporarily secure the doors since I was unable to close it since the incident. I asked George about those new systems to help re-enforce the doors and make it much harder to kick open. Luckily he has his own system called TorrSec. There are other systems in the market, but the one big difference that I saw in this one is that it prevents against crow bar use. This incident shows you can never totally secure your home, however, since door kicking is the most popular way to break into a home, this door system that George has should make it much tougher. He will take the time to explain everything if you have questions or doubts.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for your review! Your choice in the Torrsec door security system was a very wise decision, it is revolutionizing home security. If you have any questions or needs please don't hesitate to contact me.