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Soffit was falling apart on my property. I called Lionel who had done work for me at another property a number of years ago. He was prompt in responding. His quote was reasonable and job done was done properly and timely.

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My roof was due to be replaced. As usual I consulted my trusted sources for reliable contractors to complete the work I need done. I obtained, analyzed, and compared approximately 10 quotes received from vendors through the BBB, HomeStars, and referrals. I met with Edward, vendor # 8 from Sign Roofing. I was impressed with Edward's in-depth knowledge and honesty. Sign Roofing's quote was mid range on the spectrum from lowest to highest received. Although I asked and learned a great deal about roofing options and materials during Edward's initial visit, he didn't hesitate to return 2 other times (total of 3 visits) to answer additional questions that both my wife and I still had because we got overwhelmed with the plethora of information that we gleaned from meeting with multiple vendors. Finally, we decided to proceed with Sign Roofing. On the day the work commenced the team arrived promptly at 7:45 AM and got to work right away. From start to finish I was impressed. Even more impressive was the fact that the ground crew not only cleaned up the wrapper/packaging on my lawn, they also walked over to retrieve wrappers that had blown over to my neighbors' lawns it being windy. As a result of the impressive work done by Sign Roofing Team, 2 of my neighbors decided to hire Sign Roofing by the time my roof was completed. I was delighted with the workmanship, customer service, and the great clean state of my yard when the crew left. This was surely money well spent. Great job Edward and Team. I would gladly refer you to my family and friends for their roofing projects.

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Company Response

Thank you Kurt, Vijay and Mike for choosing sign roofing inc.
We will keep our promise to provide quality work with reasonable price.

See you soon next 2 weeks.



I had a problematic bathroom extractor vent that got unbearable to ignore. I visited my reliable source for finding top notch potential vendors to engage ( and solicited quotes. Intell Electrical's quote was competitive however I was more impressed with Sam's professionalism and explanation of the process and the quality of the product that I would receive. We decided to proceed with hiring Intell to do the work in April 2020. I was impressed from start to finish of the process. At the end of the job the work area was left clean and tidy. Great job Sam I will hire you for any electrical work that I need done in the future and would not hesitate to recommend your services to my relatives or friends

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Thank you Kurt for your valuable review .


In May 2019 after the spring rains there was dampness noticed from under the flooring when walking barefooted. We turned to our trusted source to identify and obtained quotes from reputable companies. All 3 companies did their independent assessment and all concluded that the water was due to cracks in the foundation and showed me two areas in particular that appeared to be cracked. Although not the cheapest of the quotes received we decided to hire ACCL in August 2019 based on how knowledgeable the Sale Representative and Project Manager (PM), Henry appeared. In March 2020 once it began to rain water reappeared under the flooring. Henry generously loan me an industrial dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from my basement until they were able to resume working. Once the COVID restrictions were lifted ACCL came to my premises and assessed the situation, and identified that the problem resulted from an area not previously repaired provided a competitive quote, and completed the repair. ACCL does honor their 30 year warranty, I would recommend others to use ACCL for their waterproofing needs.

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Company Response

Based on our assessment, we determined that additional work was needed as the leak was not in the initial area waterproofed as indicated by the client. During our investigation to find the source of the extended leak, we noticed after excavating that the drainage system (weeping tile) was actually drilled through and cut in two and also filled with dirt. This may have happened many years ago when the gate and fence was installed and obviously was not noticed then. We have taken pictures and vids to attest to this.

As of now, all work have been completely on the client's home and his warranty is till intact.

HomeStars should be very mindful of what is posted on their site as the initial defamatory comment from the client cost us jobs worth thousands of dollars. Even the heading of this review is very misleading and should either be edited or removed completely.

The client was initially advised based on the technician's assessment that the entire house needed to be waterproofed. The client only wanted to do a portion where he determined the leak was coming from. The regrading was not able to be done thereafter as the ground needed time to settle and we advised him to wait until Spring 2020. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we were not able to have this done in early Spring. The client also had outstanding balance from 2019 which we requested that he settle before we dealt with any warranty issues.

The job was done as per the scope of work given to the client and there is nothing written there that refers to "3-4 yards of top soil". At the point of back-fill is where our scope of works ends and is considered completed. Regrading was never included in our original scope but is offered as a one-time after service, should it be needed. Upon his request, the client was never told that we will not be back to regrade but this is weather dependent, which we have no control over.

The client negotiated with us on several occasions for discounts which were given and then requested a payment plan. The remaining 50% to be paid in equal installments for Oct, Nov and Dec 2019. We entered this arrangement with him in good faith. When the final payment was due, the client decided on his own to hold back the funds.This was not discussed prior to the payment arrangement being made.

Now that the client has settle his bill in full we will honor our warranty provided that the problem he is experiencing is within the scope of work that was done.