Ted Gilmore helped us making the biggest purchase in our lifetime - our first house. He helped us a lot to take an informed decision and weigh out all the cons, identify valuable price negotiation points. Ted was very flexible timewise and managed to accommodate our inspection on a short notice. He was very patient helping us to get acquainted with the house and understand crucial maintenance aspects. The report was very detailed and became our maintenance bible. Ted was very supportive after our move in and consulted us over the phone on seasonal adjustments months after we settled in. Ted Gilmore is a pleasure to deal with and we highly recommend him as home inspector. Alex, Katie and Margo

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Hi Katie, Alex and Margo,
I get a real fuzzy feeling when people say things like “I was a real pleasure to deal with”. Yeah, that's bound to earn you some brownie points, for sure! You were also a pleasure to work with. When homebuyers are keen to learn about their new home I will spend the time to explain: what's going on, what and how to do deal with it, when to do it and an approximate cost. Many Home inspectors tell you that they want you to follow them during the inspection so they can explain things to you. The trouble is their entire inspection is finished in 3-4 hours including the report with photos. The reality is you tag along behind watching the inspector take photos with his tablet computer and inserting them in the boilerplate template. Basically the inspector is so busy working on the report that he has very limited time for explanations. I would add; the inspector would have very little time for actual discoveries as well within the targeted allocation of time per inspection.
I am one of the only inspectors willing to spend whatever time it takes to discover most everything wrong with a home. When most other inspectors are racing to do 2 inspections per day at $500 per you have to wonder if this is actually a legitimate profession. In my opinion it's not a professional advocacy the way home inspectors have raced to the bottom to maximize profit in as little time. When most every inspection company endeavors to be the cheapest and the fastest it becomes the norm. This does not represent the profession that I thought I was joining. With every new wave of fresh home inspectors entering the workforce I believe we lose a little more integrity. The new breed of home inspectors believe that home inspection toys are the way to lead an inspection. These toys should be used as a confirmation and a method to illustrate particular problems. Experience is what leads a professional, you cannot get experience when you're running through the house with a tablet checking off an inventory of stock components.
As you know I am waiting for your questions.
Happy trails ...
Ted Gilmour