two washrooms needed fans, including duct work and vents positives - one stop shop for all work (electric, roof, drywall etc), rather than dealing with couple of companies - cleaned the place well before they left removing all debris - team was super courteous (i wont rate Ted himself that high unfortunately, but not so bad either) - Struck to provided quote, no surprises - fans are super silent negatives - my biggest problem was the price negotiation involved, was quoted a price. i checked for lower number and the answer was yes. I am not sure if i should have negotiated further or i got a good price. I expect good professional to be fair on price first time. (may be its just me) -forced his fans, whereas when i read reviews here people have got their own fans installed as well. - a bit of "cut the corner" mindset, during electric work the point where new switch (For fan) was added ...the wiring was shared with somelights, when the plug was put in socket the light started flickering and wire came out. Ted just insert/pushed it in and no proper screwing and tightening ....when i politely asked about loose wire, he just turned the switch on/off to say...see no flickering. When he knew i am talking of loose wire....i generally avoid conflict so i let it go as i myself am handy and thought to do it myself after he leaves

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The light flickering was due to light switch being turned off. Do know what the customers complaints are about, since he would not give me his real name initially (there is no Aqua in Saint-Laurent), he got the job done for a 10% discount, and was watching us throughout the job. As I mention to all customers, I only install my brand of fan, which I can guarantee.