I feel like this is required so that it does not happen again. I hired this company based on good reviews. I had noted that prior to them coming in that I had cats in my home. Being considerate because it was almost winter, I allowed them to place the shower in my home rather than outside (which now I completely regret). They did not take the precaution to seal the entrance to the shower from inside my home. Upon my return, one of my cats was in the basement for I don't know how long breathing in asbestos. I had to duct tape the entrance myself to prevent my pet from going back into the basement. What makes the situation worse is that the work was not completed because they only chipped away the top layer. While I understand that they might have only thought that it was the top layer, its frustrating that they did not have the courtesy to chip to the concrete, just in case, given that I was paying them $3500 to remove all the asbestos. So I'm left in a frustrating situation due to these events. While I've given up on reaching out to asbestos companies because their unreliability, I just wanted to write this review to remind you to be more mindful of pets and ensure that entrances are sealed.

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