***UPDATE*** Well, the tub/plumbing leaked. We have reached out to Chris for a response. Simple bathroom renovation involving removing/replacing tub, tiling alcove surround and retiling floor. Originally requested subfloor replacement as well. They opted not to replace the subfloor indicating it was in good shape and didn’t need work. Selected and elongated hexagonal ceramic tile for the wall and tiled plank for the floor. Two niches for the bath/shower wall. They suggested a sliding barn door as the replacement tub was wider than original and there was less space for a traditional door. We agreed. They selected schluter system materials for backboard and pre-fab niches and floor pad under tile. Some plumbing work was required as well. The job was projected to take a few days but instead took several weeks. Pros: Chris is a nice guy. Easy to talk to. Definitely wanted to get the job done in a timely manner despite being unable to deliver. Selected quality materials. Built a solid wood barn door according to our specifications. Selected some nice value add products such as a customizable floor vent. Cons: Tile installation was a challenge. Some tiles were cut crooked and needed to be replaced. The backing was applied unevenly resulting in an uneven tiled wall surface. Additional time and attention would have been good to ensure quality install particular as the geometric nature of the tile was the primary feature. The floor squeaks along the edge of the tub, likely resulting from the shaving down of the subfloor in order to fit the tub. The tub itself also squeaks badly. Further investigation will be required to ensure it is sitting properly as it is primarily one end (drain end) that squeaks. The potential for future leaks/damage and floor/grout cracks exists as a result. The sliding barn door was poorly installed resulting in sliding. It was also hung too low meaning it can be lifted off its rail which is a safety hazard and will need to be re-fitted. As the hardware is drilled through the wood, this will be a challenge to reset. We had requested the barn door on the condition that a lock could be installed. Unfortunately, when the time came to install the lock, we were told he couldn’t do it. We now have to hire somebody else to finish the job. Finally we can also now clearly see that grout and/or tile cutting water was spilled all over the driveway which is an exposed aggregate. This has left a white staining which cannot be rinsed off. We are unsure how to go about removing this from the driveway and reached out to him but have not received a response. To be fair, we did bring some of these things up and they discounted from the cost. Unfortunately the squeaky tub and driveway stain and unsafe sliding door were not noticed until after we had already paid. For these reasons I am rating a 3/5 but cannot in good conscience ever recommend them based on this experience. Ultimately, when you pay for a job, you expect it to be completed, and to be better than what you could do yourself. We didn’t get that. Hopefully the next guy will be able to correct and complete this job.

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We appreciate you finding us online and detailing your experience. We would like to apologize for any and all inconveniences experienced throughout your project. We did try to go above and beyond our usual scope in order to make sure you were satisfied with our work. If there is any more we can do to help, at your earliest opportunity, please contact me again at or by telephone at 403-850-9665. Thank you!


We used this company to replace all of our doors and windows in our home. The first time we used them was in 2009 and replaced 2 exterior doors and 6 windows. We called around for quotes. Not only did they have a very competitive offer, Rick's friendliness and professionalism made them an easy choice. The guys came, did the windows, did a great job - I recommended them to my neighbors who also used them to replace some windows and doors. We used them again the second time to do the rest of our windows and doors as well - we didn't even bother calling for quotes as we knew these guys were great. We had a few hiccups the second time, but Rick and the guys were so friendly, accomodating and professional that it wasn't an issue. We didn't have just standard pop out/pop in windows/doors. We changed some sizes, changed some functions - no matter what I asked for they would find a way to make it happen, which is hard to do in an older home. I would recommend them, I would use them again.

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Hi Pam,
Thank you very much for your review on us. With the changes we did, it sure has changed the look of the front of your home. Also with the triple glaze Low E glass, your living room will be much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.