Five months into a five week project diego abandoned my project without a refund. He also damaged my AC unit and siding and refused to repair them. The work he did do was very poor craftsmanship.

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The guy came to my house saw the job and give me an estimate to do the job. I paid the downpayment and waited for my drawings. This was in April 2018, its October 2018 and i am still waiting for my aproved drawings. Hmmm constructive criticism: do what you are hired to do and do what you say you will do... VERY DISHONEST PEOPLE.

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Company Response

Please be honest at-least in front of public, SIR.

The truth is that we went to this person's house and at that time he was planning lots of big works but when I told him the prices then he just choose small projects and we did the agreement for 3 Scope work which were not too big.
We prepared drawings and permit set as per agreement and we emailed it to him within 15 days. After, he asked us to add some more scope which were HUGE like adding Room on top of Garage, Retaining wall at the rear, Deck, removing load bearing wall and more. We already told him that these are not small changes and he knew since starting that it will cost much more then we agreed initially. Also we might need an engineer's review and approval.

After going back and forth for long time his package is ready to submit months ago. (WE have all the emails as proof). When the time came to submit it and we asked for the money for city fees and our agreed fees. He refuse to pay and ask us to do it in initial price. We asked him to meet and met him and explained him all in details including prices. SIR how can you do this. We have spent more then 84 hours on your project. He is trying to get $10,000 -$15,000 work for $2500. Which is not possible and fair for any business.

It's very easy for these kind of people to write any thing on public front like here and try to ruin anyone's business. It takes years of hard work to establish a business and earn to bread and butter for the family from it. So unfair.

But sad part is that as business owner we don't have any front or place to write about these kind of clients to aware and warn other business owners.

If you have any concerns, you can talk to us in person rather than posting false accounts online. We're sorry that this got so out of hand but want to resolve this issue.