none of our neighbours knew of a good locksmith, so we had to call around as we lost all (spare) keys & needed our jimmyproof garage lock taken care of. after inquiring with about 6 different service providers, john asked all the rights questions and we made an appointment. he arrived at the agreed upon time -- saturday at 11am -- & got the lock open and made 3 new keys for us. all in under an hour! will recommend to everyone we know, as all the other companies quoted us at least twice as much for the same job. thanks john! appreciate your professionalism, honesty and kindness.

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Company Response

Thanks for this wonderful review. A Perfect Pick Locksmiths is happy to have been able to assist your situation. Not good to be losing all your shed door keys. We always try to be reasonable with our rates. As a matter of fact, we are in our 19th year of business and our rates haven't gone up in over 10 years. We believe in great, reliable service at a reasonable cost to our clients. Thanks so much for your business.


noticed 120yo chimney was leaning, got 4 quotes on rebuild as well as capping 2nd larger chimney. asked bruno to review/inspect rest of (bad) roofing/shielding/flashing job which had been done in fall 2008. he arrived on time, with licence and insurance papers in hand. went on our (steep) roof and checked things out. gave us the most competitive quote and longest warranty term on the chimney work (5yrs). waited a few months, lost original quote, bruno readily came back to requote... upon doing the job he tried to match the brick as closely as possible, and stayed on budget. he also filled a hole which had been left by previous roofers and was causing secondary leaking into a bedroom -- which the previous roofers denied... long story short, bruno was attentive, clear and a pleasure to deal with. lessened our dislike of and discomfort with roofers :) (( given our previous distasteful experience(s) with roofers, we will remain optimistic that all remains intact and we don't encounter any further leaks in all the same places))

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Family business, being handed over from father (jim) to son (mike) nice people, but... needed two of 3 bathroom toilet j-pipes repaired. First time they arrived 2 hours early "couldn't find" the first j-pipe, so made an extra hole in our ceilings left one of our toilets off for 4 days, with the j-pipe open and exposed releasing sewer fumes bathroom was unusable. Second appointment was "delayed", then they never arrived we had to call 3 times to find out what was happening. They got plumbing glue all over hallway rug (gabbeh) didn't really protect any of the areas they were working in cleanup was less than perfect didn't close the ceiling holes...

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Company Response

Service call to questionable legal rooming house to assess leaking toilets. Assesment revealed wood floors arround the toilet flanges to be rotten due to poor home maintenace. Water and sewage was leaking into walls and ceilings causing considerable damage including health risk.

Customer was advised of the necesary steps of repair including
that as plumbers not drywallers, we unfortunately do not repair necessary acces holes made for plumbing repairs.

The cost of repair was under $2000 and included:

Toilet 1. Cutting two necessary holes in the main floor ceiling to acces the sewer stack, replacing the toilet drain back to the stack, replace and repair of the sub floor arround the toilet base, replacing the flange and securing the toilet.

Toilet 2. Removing the toilet, cutting the floor to replace the toilet drain to the stack, replace and repair of the sub floor arround the toilet base, replacing the flange and securing the toilet.

Kitchen sink, Basement. Cutting of drain pipe and installation of new drain fitting to secure leaking connection.

After explanation of the above, the cutomer asked to finance the bill and sent us away to speak with her husband.

Friday: Toilet 1 was completely repaired. Less than a baby spoon of glue "was" spilled on a hallway carpet. As professionals we apologized and cleaned the spot with no trace of an accident.
Toilet two removed and placed to the side in an effort to have none of the many residents use the fixture over the weekend. The drain was plugged to &quotnot&quot release sewer gases.

Monday: The smell claimed by the home owner in my observation was from the unsecured toilet that the residents of the home had urinated in repeatedly over the weekend that was running all over the wood floor, soaked up with toilet paper.

Toilet 2. Was completely repaired and secured to the floor. An invoice was presented and the customer thanked us for our work and informed us that her husband would take care of the bill asap.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

After two months of sending repeated invoices including three placed and un-returned phone calls. The journeymen had to return to the home to ask for payment. Upon answering the door in amazement of my presence the home owner made the excuse that her husband had "the check book". Only after reminding the customer of the timeframe of overdue status did she remember that "the check book" was on hand and paid her bill with an apology.