I, Gus Karbsi as developer worked with Mehrzad Dadras on the 5 Nipigon Project in Toronto, Ontario. Mehrzad worked with us as a team member to bring a difficult project from the conceptual process through construction. The 5 Nipigon was a 2.2MM project that included 1 underground parking and two levels of offices above. The site was tight with many design challenges from start. l was involved with Mehrzad during the design, planning approval, building permit, and construction phase. Mehrzad worked with the City of North York to resolve some very complicated issues leading up to the building permit within a short period of time. During the course of construction, he worked with us to coordinate design changes with the construction process and authorities. I would like to express our confidence in Mehrzad and our desire to work with him and his team on future projects.

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Company Response

Thank you for your wonderful review provided. I must say that there are always challenges with every project we do however as I always say to my clients that they should not underestimate their role in the success of their project.
In 5 Nipigon case, we went through the planning stage within 5 months and permit process shortly after which by any standard was a miracle. It is very true that we paid our undivided attention to this project at the time but the success of our concerted effort was the client attitude who lend us his ears and listened and acted to our effective strategy and timing. The job of an architect is not just solving special or technical problems related to the building but coach the owners to become problem solvers on their own. Thanks again for recommending our service it was a pleasure to work with you.