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Saw them doing some work across the street. I didnt have anyone I knew that did paving and I had heard if you find pavers doing work close to your house, they give you a discount because they can pour both driveways in the same day. I approached Victor, he seemed very nice and professional. We shook hands and the work was suppose to begin. After several weeks later than he promised, work finally begun. He kept making excuses about why he couldnt start and it was mainly that it was too cold. Please note that the day he finally did pour it was the coldest day since I hired his company. When I examined the pour, I noticed he messed up in a few areas. His slope was way off, i had areas in my driveway that dipped and water accumulates there. He even surrounded my neighbor's garden shed with ashphalt. He then promised to fix it in 2 days and as a sign of good faith I paid him. After 2 days I called him and he ignored my calls. Thank god he didn't cash my cheque yet so I put a stop payment on it. I insisted he come fix his mistakes and I would pay him. He swore at me told me off and again dissappeared for a while. A few weeks later I had a collection agency calling me. I told them I would sue them too because I was not refusing to pay just wanted the driveway perfect before I did because I didn't trust him. They backed off. It's been a year now and he still has not come back to fix it, nor at this point would I trust him to. Avoid this con artist at all costs.

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