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Used Terra Granite's expertise for my Granite counter top needs and they were outstanding. Kenny displayed amazing customer service and Lourenco was extremely professional and went the extra mile. Can't say enough good things about them and highly recommend them for anyone with granite projects. Edgar Vieira

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Servio came to troubleshoot the issue of no power to the furnace thermostat, and his diagnosis was that it was a bad circuit board, which he subsequently ordered and installed but the furnace still wouldn't start. He then told me it could be any other of the components and that I wouldn't want to keep replacing them to find out what was wrong (instead of him actually troubleshooting which one was actually bad). He told me I should just get a new furnace (which I wasn't thinking of at the time) and that he would get me a quote, which he did. Even tho I didn't want to spend the money for a new Furnace I entertained the idea because I he said he could give me a good price. I then got other quotes to ensure I was getting a good deal and that's when I heard about the additional rebates available. It all seemed well until I asked him if I could take advantage of the additional larger government rebates besides the smaller ones he had offered. When trying to confirm by text what the total price was with all the rebates, I was just sent an invoice by email for the board and it's installation, no explanation or further communication. I had to call him to ask what was up and was just told to "just pay the invoice today", which I did. He left me and my family without heat and since I was dealing with him in good faith, had no one else in line to install a new furnace at the time. Had to pay another HVAC person with actual troubleshooting skills to figure out that the new board I had just paid for was not needed and the problem was something else all together. I cannot recommend this company or Servio for HVAC service as I was given no explanation for his change of mind and attitude in supporting my family in getting our furnace fixed or replaced. Also better troubleshooting skills are needed for a service person and not just start requesting changing random parts at the house owner's expense.

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Questionable work and dishonest - I requested multiple fence posts to be dug and set. Posts were not drilled on property line as requested, 2 posts were left loose (they had to come back next day), skipped digging one post completely and post spacing was way off on some posts . On top of that charged me $105 extra because they couldn't find power for their mixer, like that is my fault (but didn't bother ask me in advance or during, or any of our neighbours that would have gladly helped). I would never use these people again and can't recommend them ever.

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