I had a musty basement smell which got worse after leaving A/C off for a couple of weeks. From online reviews I narrowed my list to IAQ and Ottawa Mold & Asbestos Inspections. Bold were highly rated and just did inspections not repairs (which I thought would be a conflict of interest). I decided on IAQ because although their price was higher they seemed to offer a more complete assessment which included HVAC recommendations. The IAQ inspector (Shawn) did a house walk-around. I was surprised (in a good way) about the number of things he noticed about the general condition of my home from his brief inspection. He then focused on my area of concern (basement) and showed me evidence of my problem and gave detailed of explanations (make sure you have pen and can write fast ) of what the problems, why they were there and how to fix them myself. He also gave me contact info for repair contractors if I wanted to go that route. I was impressed that he even went so far as to check out my shopvac to see if it would be up to the job of vacuuming fine particles of contamination without jeopardizing my health. I paid extra for air quality samples which were sent to a local lab for analysis and confirmed fungal contamination. In summary - IAQ was thorough, informative and correct!

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Company Response

Thanks, Rick. The results were amplified. Please follow the onsite recommendations. I will forward you the link to the CCA-82 guidelines for your reading. Wear the purple mask I showed you onsite. You can buy the Benefect at Fibreclean on Colonnade Rd (close to your home) for $42 a gallon. If you have anymore questions, please call the office. Good luck!