On June 12, 2012 I had the Bracebridge Water Depot franchisee install their Air-Birm Iron Blaster to treat the water from my newly drilled well. The equipment came from head office which was then located in Burlington. 3-4years later I asked the same W-D to inspect and service if required. It was all good and I paid $100 for the inspection. Early 2017, again I called W-D which was now under new management. He came to inspect and advised that new media material was required; changing the complete tank would be easier way to go. During the process he noted that there was no water at all in the tank and asked if I had drained it. In conversation with Peter at head office, he tells me that there was no media either in the original tank! Peter also told me to chase up the franchisee that installed it! By this time the old tank was in their possession. Needless to say, I licked my wounds and switched to their competitor, who happens to be on the same street in Barrie

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