My ac unit stoped working and i was convinced it was a capacitor that was needed so I went down to buy one . Not only was it the wrong part which was ok but why would a company like this rip me off and sold me a $30 part for $73 and made if final sale . This place is a complete rip off and everyone needs to know that this place will rob you and double the price. If you ever go there make sure you know the market price cause they will double the price.

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Company Response

Dear valued customer,
We would like to clarify that we purchase our parts and units from trusted manufacturers and not from third parties, we pay a certain price and follow a certain retail price. Our prices may differ from an online store, or whole sale, or amazon or some other location in which you find something for cheaper. But these are the prices we have to follow as an established dealer of various brands. Furthermore the reason your part was final sale is because an MHC technician did not diagnose your unit. You asked for a part to be ordered for you without qualified diagnosis and therefore if it is the wrong part according to your inspection of your AC we cannot take it back because the supplier will not take it back from us and it is your responsibility to make sure you are diagnosing your AC correctly. In the case where our technician diagnosis that you need a part then it is not final sale because that becomes our responsibility, if it is not the right part we return your money and go after the correct part, but when you order a part based on your own judgement it is your responsibility to ensure that is the correct part to repair your AC and that part becomes final sale for that reason. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further clarification.