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Premium Roofing was great to deal with, from start to finish! We were provided an initial quote via email, then followed up with a more thorough quote during our at-home appointment. Dave, the company owner, was our sales person, he fully explained all of our product options (metal or two shingle options). Answered all of our questions in regards to quality, warranty and the differences between our options. We were pretty flexible with a completion date and Dave kept up communication in regards to the completion date. Dave arrived with his team at the expected date and time, they got right to work. Our roof wasn't finished the first day, but the guys made sure to take the time to clean up their entire work space and our property before they left for the night. We were extremely impressed with how they left it, even though the job wasn't complete. Day-two was no different. We were home while the work was being completed and each of the crew members were respectful of our space and needs. Thanks again Dave and team! Highly recommend Premium Roofing!

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Took me 5 hrs to clean my house after the men left. My bathroom sink (which did not get windows replaced, so never would have checked that room for cleanliness) was clogged with a huge wad of silicone, someone used the toilet and didn't flush, my living room, which had a large picture window replaced, had sawdust covering everything (much more so than the 3ft radius they asked for) with chunks of plaster and nails, etc thrown around from the sawsall, broken glass surrounding my sons desk was left behind, silicone cartridge tips, screws and silicone have been left behind inside and outside the house, the foam insulation that expanded wasn't cleaned off the trim, not a single window or the patio door were cleaned after installing, dirt tracks from their shoes were left behind. My week-old, purchased-for-the-holiday-functions-coming-up entry rug now has ground in plaster and silicone from their boots. You'd never guess they brought drop cloths with them. Considering I specifically asked if everything was far enough away from the windows and even offered to move things further away, I extremely upset with the way my home was disrespected - to say the LEAST. Review the photos to see how your home will be left after the windows and doors are installed.

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Company Response

Hello Vanessa, we are sorry to hear about the mess. We take this very seriously here and have reprimanded our installation team for leaving you home before thoroughly checking for any debris. We have reimbursement you 150$ for cleaning and have sent the installers clean up the leftovers. We apologize again and hope you enjoy your new windows.