Job was done by Chad very fast, spraying the special foam underneath the cottage for insulation (but mainly to stop entering mice to get inside the house). Couple days later we discovered there are still some holes underneath the cottage, uncovered by sprayed foam and through which the mise are still getting inside. We tried to reach out to Mr. Chad but no answer at all. Finally we were lucky and talked to him via phone explaining and asking him for his help (to come back and check the holes and put the spray). His reaction was absolutely unprofessional, rude, and shocking!!! He was screaming all the time and used a very dirty language and cheapest words. Now we know that we will have to find some nicer people who understand how to provide only best quality work but also best client service. We don’t recommend this company at all. Or, if you don’t want to pay for aggressive talk better avoid this one!!! Lazzo

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