I used to be a loyal customer of this company. I bought my new furnace in 2013 and ERV system in 2017 through this company. The furnace they installed in 2013 caused some damage to the exterior wall of my house in winter 2014 due to the very short exhaust pipe they installed. When they installed the ERV system, they drilled two unnecessarily large holes through the wall of my house and then covered them with lots of caulking. While I was unhappy about those incidents, they were relatively less significant, I did not complain anything. Since last winter, I found the air circulation of the furnace was very weak. This was not a big issue in winter because the hot air in first floor went up naturally, so I didn't contact the company. However, in May this issue became significant because our second floor became very hot in evening. We called the company and told them the issue. Specifically, we emphasized the issue existed in both summer and winter. But the person who answered the phone insisted that it was likely caused by our A/C and they had to send somebody to check. Their technical staff came and checked. They found no problem with A/C. Instead, they said it was caused by the filter. They said I should use 4" filter and change it every month. However, when they did the regular maintenance last November, their report did not say any problem with my filter, nor did they mention changing filter every month. I have followed their original suggestion to change filter every three months, which is also the suggestion of filter vendor. They then sent me a $162 bill for A/C service. When I said I cannot pay the bill because I did not ask you to do A/C service and our A/C does not have a problem based on your report, their manager replied by saying "Its AC season, so everything says AC service." He went further to say that they would not honor their warranty contract. Following the response from Stan to my above post, I contacted the owner as he suggested. He did not provide any new solution except repeating the same things the manager had said. I am very disappointed.

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Company Response

Stan's has been around for over 50 years and we hold customer service at a very high standard. It is unfortunate that a dirty filter has caused more issues than just with the equipment. as the owner of Stan's I would like to meet you at your home to discuss any of your concerns. Please call the office at 613-237-4040 to set up an appointment to meet.
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The company installed a glass barn door which has a big design defect. The company knows how to fix it, but refuses to do it unless I pay the cost. I complained to BBB. The company has refused to respond to BBB's query. The company installed a glass barn door for my house. Upon the completion of the door installation, we noticed that its design has a serious defect: the two sliding doors of the barn door use sliding tracks of each other as bumpers to stop the sliding doors, which can cause the tracks being damaged easily because the doors are very heavy. We complained to the company about this issue immediately. They later installed an extra bumper and promised us it would work. However it turned out the bumper was damaged soon. When I visited their office about the issue last month, the guy who installed the bumper said he knew the bumper does not work, they should install a soft-close mechanism instead. A few days later, the agent who handled my complain, informed me that they would get it done. However they installed a similar bumper as the last one instead of the soft-close mechanism. To make it worse, the new bumper does not exactly match the last one, so they had to drill new holes right beside the original holes, making the new bumper more vulnerable to be broken. When I asked the agent to install the soft-close mechanisms, he asked me to pay for the soft-close mechanism claiming the design defect is from their vendor. They refused to tell me who the vendor is. Given that it is this company's decision to order this product from their vendor, they should be held responsible for the services they provided. I don't understand why I should pay for their poor judgement.

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