Horrible Experience and awful outcome. Lawrence guaranteed that his men would take care to seal off the basement door to minimize dust. His men came in dirty boots and were going to roll their grinder over my hardwood floors with out any protection. I had to quickly lay down paper to protect the floors and hang plastic myself as they just started grinding without doing any of this. I called Lawrence and he said they must of forgot. Lawrence told me the dust would be minimal as they had a powerful machine to suck up the dust. Dust was on everything in the entire house and I don't even have vents. He guaranteed that they would sand all of the old brown paint off the floors so the white would cover. After they left I told him I could still see lots of brown paint but he guaranteed me the "commercial" brand of epoxy resin they used would cover it. After the first coat I called him and told him I could still see brown.He told me they would come back and re-grind. Again no care to cover or seal anything. Brown still showed through and I was not home when they put the polyurthene on ( which he told me had minimal smell and was non toxic. I had the worst headache and my cat was throwing up for 3 days. The brown paint was still showing through in a lot of places and there was yellow streaks from the polyurethane. When I called again he told me that he was not making money on this job and it was better than it was before. I cancelled my credit card so he could not receive the final 25%. This prompted him to come and have a look. There were over 20 chips in the floor, specs of dirt in the paint, the brown was still showing, his men had left sticky fingerprints all over the freshly painted walls and again he reminded me he was not making any money on this job but he would come back and that it was pretty much as good as it was going to get and I was being too picky. He told me if I would give him the final 25% he would put another layer of a different paint down. I didn't want him or his men in my house again.

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After reading many positive reviews about Brent Jeffreys and Classic Home Inspections I decided that a home inspection was what I needed. I sent Brent and e-mail and he called me the next morning. He asked me a few questions and wanted to know if it was urgent but I let him know that as long as it was before the end of the month that would be great. He was able to schedule me in a week later. He showed up exactly on time as well. My insurance company had sent me a letter letting me know they would no longer be able to offer me replacement value since they did not know the state of my electrical, plumbing, roof and heating. I had tried to determine if I needed a new roof this summer and had 2 companies come out and tell me I needed a new roof and it would be between $9-10K. My neighbour had some work on his roof and the person fixing his roof told me my roof was fine. Brent let me know that my although it may need some repairs over the next few years that it did not have to be replaced and should last between 8-10 years. He confirmed that my electrical and plumbing were also up to date. Hiring a home inspector to let me know what I really needed to fix was the best money I ever spent. Brent did a thorough home inspection and I would not hesitate to call him again the next time a contractor tells me I need to have something fixed. Best $350.00 I have spent on my house to date.

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Thank you so much for the review Cherie! I really appreciate it! That was an interesting one about the think that someone tried ripping you off $10K! Imagine that! It is nice to know that there are some honest trades people out there. Definitely keep the neighbours roofer card. Please Cherie, always feel free to contact me if you ever have questions about the home! PS: I've got nothing to sell you! Thanks so much again Cherie, and thank you for choosing Classic Home Inspections!