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Christine C
Christine C
3 reviews Toronto, ON

Would not recommend based on experience.

I would not recommend this company for cabinet painting based on my experience. The price was competitive and the sole reason I chose them. The expectations were unclear on spraying vs manually painting. The painter was 2 hours late. Once the base of the cabinets was painted, no one ever came back to remove all the plastic and tape. Getting the cabinets back in a timely manner was also an issue, there was a lack of communication. Once they were done, the owners elderly parents came to install them. They were also late. It has been a few months since my cabinets were painted and the old colour is showing through and the paint is fading. For reference, the cabinets were painted white and the previous yellow beige colour is coming through and it looks ridiculous as its only showing through on the cabinet fronts-maybe not sanded properly or perhaps not enough coats of paint were applied? I contacted the owner and he asked for pictures, I sent them and followed up twice. He has not responded.

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Company Response

Thank you for the detailed response and here is our perspective on this. Whenever we discuss a potential job we clearly layout the options avalible to the client. We discuss whether the client prefers for the cabinet boxes only (carcus) to be spray-painted or painted by hand with a sponge specific roller. We offer both services. (All doors & drawers are sprayed at the shop and NEVER hand rolled). To be clear: Spray painting of the boxes, takes a longer time than hand rolling. In addition, Spray painting of the boxes is not necessary for all kitchens and saves some money for the clients as well. The kitchens where spray painting is required we price accordingly for the extra labour and material cost. This is also part of the contract and written in the contract itself so it cannot be missed. This client was confused all of a sudden at the end when we were trying to get the work started. They insisted that they wanted to get the spray painting done but then refused to pay the difference that was explained at the very beginning of the process. However, in this circumstance to make the client happy we said we would ABSORB the cost and would do the spray painting of the boxes for them instead WITHOUT charging them any EXTRA MONEY . As for our painter. He was running about an hour behind schedule but mentioned that he did call to give a heads up and didn't end up getting through to the client. I would be lying if I remembered whether he left a message with the or not, but he did go and finsiehd the work on the same day as originally planned. there was a little bit of trouble in the morning that day but sometimes that happens and as long as you communicate what is happening and why, that's a reasonable expectation. the plastic and the tape that is required to mask the kitchen when it's painted is usually left on for about a day or so. Just so the paint dries properly prior to removing the paint and not damaging any of the paint work. Also since we had changed the plan from hand rolling to spraying the kitchen, naturally it required another day or two now. This was explained to the client however the following day they needed to do other items in the kitchen because of the fact that they were moving other item in the kitchen (this was a new house they were moving into) so they said they needed it (the plastic & tape) removed right away. We were not in a position to remove it and or risk damaging the work that we had done. We communicated with them that it should be done the following day but they had no patience as they had other priorities to move into the kitchen. Therefore, they took the liberty and chances in their own hands to remove the plastic when I had mentioned it needed more time. In regard to my father helping within our business, it's sad and frankly upsetting you felt the need to use the word 'elderly'. Yes, we have family member as a part of the business in addition to our employees. The correlation you are trying to make between his age and his ability to do the work and do it professionally is frankly nonsensical. And there was no mention made about the fact that there were NO errors made in the re-installation. So your complaint was that he seemed elderly and therefore it was an issue? In regard to her last point. In fact, we DID respond to her (the client). When I got back into town I told her we would take a look and handle it for her. Even though when seeing the issue in person, there was a negligible difference if any in the colour. However, because it was not good to her liking. YET again we made a concession for her. We removed ALL of the doors once again and then once again we sprayed them for her FREE of cost. she told us that once her doors were resprayed again she would be okay and happy. She mentioned she would also adjust her review accordingly to reflect and confirm that we had in fact helped resolve her "issue". Even though we helped her every step of the way and did our very best to please her she LIED to us about updating her review. I have multiple text messages which I am willing to share to confirm that we held up our end of the bargain but she REFUSES to hold up her end of the bargain and update the review. She has been ignoring our request after promising to do so. Hope this sheds more light on this client and their integrity.