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Siding, Windows, Doors and request to fix a leak under warranty

Would not recommend. We were flexible and patient over the two years we have been working with them, but there have been so many unfortunate and puzzling things about our experience that we felt we needed to comment a few here. Our siding, window, and door renovation had no project management behind it. We'd call the office and the owner seemed to away a lot and their employees didn't appear to know much about our project at any phase of the process. Our siding installer was wildly unprofessional (and we asked that to be addressed in the form of bringing in more people to work on the house, but nothing came of it) and the job ended up being over budget and way over time. The cost issue was not from unexpected findings or change orders, but rather poor budgeting from our installer as well as errors on Adam's side. The contract had everything included that we wanted, but he failed to account for line items on his end and actually asked us for more money after all the paperwork was signed. When a signed contract is treated as negotiable after-the-fact the integrity of the company's reputation starts to break down from the customer perspective. To our knowledge there was no charitable donation from our job - it wasn't brought up once.

This spring we had a leak, so we called MaxGreen as they assured us a leakproof guarantee under warranty. The fellow that came to our house stood on our deck and absolved themelves of responsibility of fixing the leak, citing it a roof issue which they had no control over (convenient!). No one looked at the vents or flashing or tie-ins, (or even the roof to show us the problem)...we were immediately dismissed. Calls and emails requesting a more thorough investigation and assistance were inadequately answered and finally we had to get a third party in to fix our leak out of pocket. Maxgreen had a myriad of excuses, explanations and distractions from the actual issue we were trying to address. We have had a rough experience with this company.

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Company Response

Thank you for posting your story to allow us to respond and provide both sides of the story to fellow homowners reading this site. I completely agree that there were certainly some challenges with the siding installation that we completed 2 years ago (we want to clarify to readers that it did not take 2 years to complete the project) as we were going through a transition in our Roofing and Siding Division Management at that time. The project took much longer than expected and I apologized many times, but like we discussed at the time our Crew Leader had some challenges finding quality labour help and we felt it more prudent not to rush the project but instead focus more on taking our time to do it correctly. When our new Roofing and Siding Manager inspected it throughout the project and at the end of the project it did meet our high standards for quality control. I also sent you out for a very nice steak dinner at your favourite restaurant to apologize for the long delays in your project. I feel your comment about the project being "over budget" is inaccurate as we never added any additional charges once we started the work. In fact, we did not even add the charges for repairing rotten existing framing that could not be seen until the wall was opened up. Perhaps we didn't properly communicate all the extra value we put in without asking for extra charges or perhaps because it was so long ago the details are not as clear to you now. I do certainly admit I made an error on the contract with the wording about the battens as we had only discussed them being on the front of the house but I mistakenly left the word "front" off of the original contract. Mistakes do happen and I am the first to admit when I make them! When this was noticed this error was clearly explained and I owned up to the mistake and asked for you to agree in good faith to split the cost of the extra battens with me since I did originally make the error, but because you were also receiving greater value that we had originally discussed. This $504 +GST change order was overall relatively minor on such a large project, but I did thank you for working with me to find a fair resolution to my typo. You agreed and all was well as far as I could tell at the time. As for the Charitable Donation, we did not see a Charity of Choice mentioned in the location where you can select your own Charity on our Contracts. We do try to reach out to all customers and give them the option to choose their own Charity for half of our donation for their project to go to, but if we do not hear back we also make their part of the donation to our Charity of Choice for that year – which in 2016 would have been Kids Cancer Care, Kids Up Front, and Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids ( They were very happy to receive their cheques when we presented them so thank you for helping with that by working with MAXgreen! As for your leak concerns that came up 2 years after you windows and doors and siding had been installed with no issues, we did have our Roofing and Siding Manager out there at least twice to look and both times he determined the leak was in fact coming in from a failure in the Roof system (at no charge to you despite not being a MAXgreen Warranty issue), which we had been told was replaced “not too long ago” prior to us replacing the Windows, Doors and Siding on your home. However once the leak was identified we offered a quote to replace the roof which as we now know was very comparable to the quote you received from your other contractor, Angel's Roofing (they are not granted the same privacy protection as you are with your anonymous post as they are a corporate entity), you ultimately went with for your roof replacement. If you had used our services for Roofing as well then of course we would have been able to fully guarantee your entire home against leaks as we would have done everything there. Instead you chose not to go with us for the roofing, which I can appreciate given the siding project 2 years prior took longer than expected. Then when your new contractor started and claimed they found issues with our workmanship, we had our Roofing and Siding Manager out there again to go over the details with the roof installers and that is where there was obviously a very biased opinion by your new contractor as to the quality of our work. Our Manager determined that everything we did was done to our standards and the leaks were in fact being caused by the roof flashing and insufficient roof venting, and not from the siding or windows that we did. This was again another no charge site visit to help explain the situation again. Angel's Roofing then seemingly convinced you to give them a “blank cheque” to “fix the MAXgreen issues” which was really just a need to replace the step flashing where the roof met the wall. This was not something that we nor your roofers could see that needed to be done until the old shingles came off which is why that flashing work was not included on either company’s quote up front. Unfortunately Angel's felt that this was an opportunity to throw a highly reputable and Award-Winning company like ours under the bus and likely tell you to “back charge MAXgreen for the extra work”. Unfortunately it sounds as though they did not give you a quote BEFORE doing the additional work and instead gave you a $7,000+ bill after the fact with photos that show no obvious leak sources caused by us, with a very vague description of “Additional Hardie siding work required at the walls (material & labor) (sic)” which was obviously biased in their favour. The work they completed based on the photos and explanation you sent could have easily been completed by an experienced roofing crew for $2,000 or less and is something we would have likely even given you a deal on that had we done your roofing as well. Unfortunately, you must have paid them before questioning the amount and thought we would be reimbursing you for the extra work that had nothing to do with our previous work. As discussed, this step flashing replacement work is part of the scope of a roofing replacement project and could NOT be done without the roof being removed as the flashing is woven into each layer of shingles. And because you said your roof was not that old, it looked to be in decent condition still, and you had not reported leaks at the time of our initial siding/window/door quote (2016), we did not quote your roof and saw no reason to replace it at that time. Had we done so along with the siding work then it would have been very easy and a very low cost to replace the step flashings at that time. Despite my explanation that there would have been extra work required to replace the step flashing regardless of who did the roof installation, I still offered to try to come to an agreement to help you out of a terrible situation as it sounded as though you got taken advantage of, and even offered to help find an independent 3rd party to help explain the situation in an unbiased way so that you could better understand the situation rather than being stuck in the middle between two contractors and their opinions. Instead of an agreement to pursue those other avenues you chose to write this review. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I can completely appreciate your frustration as a fellow homeowner, but I do disagree with some of the facts you outlined above and feel that your anger is being directed at the wrong contractor. You should perhaps consider a review of Angel's Roofing and their change order quoting process (we provide quotes BEFORE we complete work so the customer can agree the value matches the cost). But that all being said, we are still here for you if you have any questions or concerns about any of the work we did for you as our warranty is still in full effect for another 120 ½ years, which is 110 1/2 years beyond when Angel's will run out. Thanks again for the opportunity to share this story with the online review community! Regards, Adam