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Floors and stairs

Despite being higher priced, we hired invision to install our floors and refinish our stairs due to their strong assurance that they could execute the job we wanted. The floors were beautifully done and met our expectations. The stairs however were a disaster. Having run into issues in our basement with someone who could not successfully execute a 2-tone stain, I had specifically asked about this before choosing them to complete the job and was reassured by Dove that they could do this. This was not the case however. They had to strip the stairs and start over numerous times due to a variety of errors in execution, including dripping stain, using tape that pulled the stain off, and not giving coats long enough dry time. 2-tone staining was clearly out of their comfort zone. Although the delays were frustrating, we were quite patient about all of the process errors as long as the job was completed successfully. Dove was not as patient however about all of the extra time the job was taking to correct and made us feel like we should just accept the errors and should not expect them to fix the work until it was completed successfully. After much uncomfortable discussion back and forth, the work was completed to most of our satisfaction. It’s just too bad that Dove’s attitude about the whole thing was so poor.

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Company Response

Hi April,
Hoping you, David and the kids are well.
It's been about one year since your project was completed and glad to see you have posted generally favourable review. We recall your project well.
I'll use this time to thank you to the referral of your friend, it shows us you were happy with the end results.

Thank you for the recognition on the great flooring work. I assume that means the railing work as well seeing as the design and implementation was flawless.

Next, in term of the stairs- the readers deserve and full understanding of the process.
Our first stain attempt was accurate. The fact twas the interior environmental conditions didn't favour the traditional overnight dry time before applying tape for painting. This was unfortunate- forcing us to have to redo many steps. We maintained committed to re-doing them.
Our installers attempted to accommodate the family need to sleep upstairs and attempted to fix only the problem steps. To our own admission didn't match well enough forcing us to start over. In hindsight it was best to re-do them all at once which we then did.

This project was very closely managed from day one with daily site visits including monitoring every minute of this specialty stain process on this final attempt to ensure it ended well. We asked and obtained for your approval at each stage before moving on. We gave additional dry time in order not to ensure the final results were successful.
Yes the project took longer then expected, sure at moments it felt tense, but in the end we held to our word, achieved your approval and successfully moved on.
Wishing you well and happy to help out again with any future project.

Talk soon...
Dov, Roy and the Invision team.