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Although a structural engineer doesn't necessarily need to know how to physically build the structure, he should be knowledgeable in the concept of "constructability" in order to provide a solution that is buildable, practical and cost-efficient for the homeowner.

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Published: 11/04/2019
Worst experience ever. Use Caution. Wanted to legalize my basement apartment, and searched for an Etobicoke Architect, and found Rocco of Architalcan Design. Had lots of good reviews that I am suspect about now, as they all were...
Published: 04/24/2019
I hired Memar Architects for Architectural design, permit ,construction management, and interior design of my new house in Forest Hill South. They are very professional, friendly and honest. The house turned out like a five star hotel and everyone is impressed with...
Published: 03/23/2018
I worked with Memar architects to apply for my building permit. The staff are very knowledgable and responsible. They helped me out to do everything including drawing the plans, commiunicating with City, doing measurements and etc. They did their best...