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Trimming your trees, hedges and shrubs can help increase their longevity, as you can remove diseased parts and prevent them from spreading to a point where removal is mandatory. Please note that removing a tree stump completely can be very costly, as home service pros have to dig deep to discover the tree's entire root system.

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Published: 08/10/2022
Aaron and crew were very competent and skilled. They came quickly and dealt with our problem trees, and didn't cause disruption to us or our neighbours. Highly recommended.
Published: 08/14/2022
We have a delightful tree that loves to grow over the neighbours fence, the roof of the house and express itself with a burgeoning under canopy. Every 3 years or so we engage a team to pursuade the tree to...
Published: 08/10/2022
Mike promptly came and listened to what we wanted to do which was cut back a tree which was encroaching and blocking out too much light. He presented us with various options and the pros and cons of...