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To avoid creating insect breeding grounds at home, homeowners should clean their gutters regularly, repair any leaks from hoses or pipes outdoors and clean and chlorinate the swimming pool. Peppermint oil is also a natural insect repellent that will keep the bugs at bay.

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Published: 08/01/2022
I called, explained my situation. They came that afternoon (other companies took forever to get back to me) and applied their magic dust. Bees stopped going in right away. After two days, very little drone traffic.
Published: 07/21/2022
Raccoons had ripped open a roof vent a few months ago unbeknownst to me. Was fixed properly by AAA Gates
Published: 07/05/2022
After occasionally hearing loud chirping noises through the ceiling/outer wall of our home for some weeks and writing it off every time I finally saw what was going on. A family of birds had moved into a small sheltered ledge...